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It’s a tough time for Halflings.

There’s not much work around for a feller that can’t pull their weight in orc carcasses. And those few Halflings that do get a bit of work more than likely end up as sacrificial fodder of some adventure-worn Ancient Temple of Foreboding Something-or-other.

But a Halfling’s gotta eat, right?

There’s always food for the taking to be had at the local pubs. Especially at the Cockatrice Corral, the most notoriously violent pub in the city. You're guaranteed a brawl at least three times a night; and while everyone else is focused on avoiding the next haymaker, you can focus on pilfering their delicious meals.

It sounds like the perfect heist... if you’re a hungry Halfling.

Halfling Heist is a fast-paced board game that pits you against three other rival Halfling thieves. Snatch as much food as possible and scram before the City Watch catches you red-handed with someone else’s chicken sandwich. It’s quick, fun and brutal as you dodge the barroom brawl and try to outgrab and outscore your fellow Halflings. The more hits you take, the more Luck you’ll gain - just make sure you get out in time to enjoy your meal!


Halfling Heist is currently looking for licensing and publishing opportunities. If you are interested, contact us!

Artist: Richard Kong

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