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Herein are the rules.

If you're looking for the most up-to-date version of the Halfling Heist rulebook, you're in the right place!

Click here for the Rulebook PDF. (v.1.4.1)

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I be Thrown or Bumped out of the Cockatrice Corral?
No. You cannot be forced to leave the bar.

2. Can I leave the Cockatrice Corral with a Bucket Helmet?
Yes. If you have enough movement points to take you beyond the exit, and enough Coin Purses to pay any City Watch cards that block the exit, you can exit the pub.

3. Do I have to Throw another Halfling in a straight line?
No. The Halfling just has to be moved the correct number of squares in any direction, and can never go back onto a square they have already been during the displacement. It helps if you think of the Halfling as bouncing off furniture, heads and other airborne patrons.

4. Can I return into the Cockatrice Corral on my turn after leaving?
No. Once you have left the pub, you cannot go back in. Best to run home with what Food you have and thank the Halfling gods you made it out!

5. When I Counter a Brawl card, do I get one or two free moves?
Using a Counter card means you get to ignore the effects of the Brawl card you just drew, plus you can ignore the next Brawl square. Essentially it means you get to move twice for the price of one card. Nice!


1. Do I have to collect Food as soon as I land on it?
No. You can land on a square with Food and decide to not start collecting. This is useful if you land on the middle of a full table.

2. Can one piece of Food be used in multiple recipes when scoring at the end of the game?
No. Each piece of Food can only be used once when creating recipes.

3. What happens if I have to Drop Food, but there are no available squares (due to other Food, Halflings or walls)?
The Food is sacrificed and returned to the Shuffle Bag.

4. If I start my turn on a Brawl square and want to pick up a piece of Food on the same square, do I have to draw a Brawl card?
Nope! You get to grab that Food for free.

5. If another Halfling drops a piece of Food on my square, do I pick it up automatically?
No. You have to wait until your turn to go through the Collecting process. On the plus side, you won't have to draw any Brawl cards!


Gentle-person's Rules

The Cockatrice Corral is a brutal and unrelenting bash fest. There may be times when Halflings of timider dispositions are brought face-to-face the ruthless brawl, knees quaking and a fearful quiver in their voice. When playing with new players, casual gamers or younger Halflings, these rules can be employed to allow for an easier challenge.

Exiting the Corral

When a player attempts to escape through an exit that is blocked with City Watch cards but does not have enough Coin Purses, they can sacrifice one Food per missing Coin Purse. The Food sacrificed must be of the highest value in the player's possession (steak before chicken, chicken before bread).

Finishing the Brawl

The game typically ends when a player lands on a Brawl square and there are no more Brawl cards to draw. When this happens, each player (starting from the player whose turn it is) gets one free round to try and escape the Brawl. The players can move freely on Table, Bar and open squares, but cannot move on Brawl squares without the aid of specific Luck cards.

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