The prototypical Halfling

It was a mere week after Christmas that I got my grubby little hands on a hefty parcel from the United States Postal Service. I will admit I was pretty excited, because even before I had gnawed off the sticky tape and customs documents with my own teeth, I knew that the parcel contained four of these:

What's in the box?The Game Crafter.

And inside each of these Game Crafter boxes was a glorious, full colour prototype of Halfling Heist.

Now, I could show you a nice photo of the game all neatly set out, with all of the cards in nice stacks and the pieces in pleasant rows, but really, I'm pretty certain you'd all rather see the game in it's naturally nitty gritty chaotic state of play.

Like this.The Heist is on!

Green Halfling is contemplating the beer bottle, while Red cheese it to safety.The Green Halfling contemplates the chocolate or the beer, while Red cheeses it to safety.

While Green and White duke it out, the Purple Halfling is going hang back and snaffle that chicken drumstick when no-one's looking.

The quality of the components from The Game Crafter are fantastic, and I'm so very looking forward to getting back to work on this game and getting it ready to ship. Besides other things, there's a big decision to make; whether to stick with the two-sided mat, or to upgrade to the quad-folded chipboard, which by all accounts look pretty pro.

For now, it's further playtesting. And some more playtesting. (Then a little more.) And after some more playtesting, and conspiratorial whispering with my Halfling-partner-in-crime Rich, I'm sure we'll have some very happy news for you soon regarding Halfling Heist!