Bringing drama to Star Hammer



Handwritten Games recently helped Black Lab Games with the re-release of their sci-fi strategy title Star Hammer Tactics for the iPad.

What started off as a friendly coffee soon became an opportunity for mighty collaboration. Handwritten Games worked closely with Black Labs to expand the story of the single-player campaign mode, and helped tighten the marketing plan for the impending release later this month.

We worked with the voluminous world development Black Labs had already written to create a cohesive story arc for the campaign missions. The campaign mode features fifteen missions, and writing the briefings required considerations not only for the canon of the setting, but also for the functional mechanics in the mission designs.

Bundling all this up within an overall story arc turned out to be quite an interesting challenge. We're very happy with how the campaign turned out, and we hope you enjoy experiencing the trials and battles for the world of Novus.

Star Hammer Tactics is already in the submission process with iTunes, and we look forward to seeing this strategy gem out in the wild soon.